Kung Fu forms

Here is a list of the traditional Choy Li Fut Kung Fu forms on offer at our school. Advanced and rare forms are taught in seminars and private lessons to dedicated students.  


Grading syllabus

Hand forms

  • Small arrow fist

  • Small leopard fist

  • Lively horse

  • Five wheel horse

  • Five wheel fist

  • Small cross pattern fist

  • Small plum blossom fist

  • Hung Sing cross pattern fist

  • Hung Sing long fist

  • Small tiger blocking fist

  • Cross pattern tiger blocking fist

  • Righteous and strong pa-kwa fist

  • Small strong fist

  • Great strong fist

  • Small Pa Kwa fist

  • Heart of Buddha Pa Kwa fist

  • Duelling Tiger Pa Kwa fist

  • Plum Blossom Pa Kwa fist

  • Eighteen Lohan

  • Small five animals fist

  • Level fist

  • Level elbow form

  • Cross pattern, continuing dual fighting fist

  • Continuous dual kicking form

  • White hair form

  • Iron arrow long fist

  • Gung Ji tiger taming fist

  • Buddha taming tiger form

  • Small Buddha palm

  • Buddha palm

  • Kwan Yin palm

  • Standing on the lotus form

  • Great cross pattern fist

  • Four door bridge form

  • Drunken Lohan form

  • Eight drunk immortals form

  • Tiger form

  • Crane form

  • Snake form

  • Leopard form

  • Dragon form

  • Monkey form

  • Elephant form

  • Horse form

  • Lion form

  • Tiger form

  • Small snake and crane form

  • Small tiger and dragon form

  • Dragon and Tiger form

  • Small five animals form

  • Five animals form

  • Small ten animals form

  • Ten animals form

Some lineages of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu have over 250 forms (katas). Most have between 70-140 moves in each form. The question came up, why have more than 4 forms? Does knowing more forms make you a jack of all trades and a master of none?

Staff forms

  • Small Hung Sing staff

  • Small Bin Gwai staff

  • Single and double ended staff

  • Twin dragon staff

  • Chau Sot single end staff

  • Chau Sot pa kwa staff

  • Hung Sing staff

  • Monkey king staff

  • Great flag staff

  • Coiling dragon staff

Two person hand forms

  • Nine star blocking fists

  • Cross pattern v. Plum blossom

  • Golden leopard v. tiger

  • Snake v. crane

  • Dragon v. tiger

  • Monkey v. lion

Two person weapon forms

  • Empty hands v. double daggers

  • Single & double ended staffs

  • Eighteen yin and yang staffs

  • Umbrella v. double ended staff

  • Broadsword v. red tassel spear

  • Double broadswords v. red tassel spear

  • Horse bench v. three sectional staff

  • Additional two and three person weapon forms

Double edge sword forms

  • Green dragon straight sword

  • Golden dragon straight word

  • Yuen Chou straight sword

  • Double straight sword

  • Bodhidharma two handed straight sword

  • Bodhidharma long handled straight sword

  • Double daggers


Spear forms

  • Throat locking spear

  • Hung Sing spear

  • Left and right pa kwa spear

  • Snake spear

  • Thirteen lunge spear

  • Shield and thirteen lunge spear

Broadsword forms

  • Hung Sing large broadsword

  • Hung Sing shield and broadsword

  • Tiger taming broadsword

  • Left and right pa kwa broadsword

  • Horse chopper broadsword

  • Hung Sing double broadsword

  • Pa Kwa twin bamboo leaf broadswords

  • Hung Sing twin bamboo leaf broadswords

Long handled weapon forms

  • Farmer’s hoe

  • Spring and autumn dynasty Kwan Do

  • Crescent moon shovel

  • Blade shovel

  • Small diamond trident

  • Diamond trident

  • Long handled halberd

  • Nine dragon trident

Miscellaneous weapon forms

  • Hand breaking fan

  • Golden dragon fan

  • Golden phoenix fan

  • Fire and wind wheels

  • Hung Sing double hookswords

  • Hurricane double axes

  • Double melon hammers

  • Double copper cudgels

  • Two section rice flail

  • Five dragon sword breakers

  • Double tiger's head shields

  • Broadsword and rattan shield

  • Bodhidharma cane

  • Four door horse bench

  • King Mui horse bench

  • Hung Sing three section staff

  • Tiger dragon gauntlets