Kung Fu | Choy Li Fut - syllabus videos


Black belt
Titles: Da Si-hing / Da Si jie

  • Small five animal form
  • Double dagger form
  • Ping kuen form
  • Daggers vs hands two person form
  • Ping jang kuen form
  • Spear form
  • Tiger form
  • Double broad swords form
  • Crane form
  • Horse bench form
  • 2nd Two person staff

Senior advanced

Black belt
Titles: Sifu

  • Cross pattern of Kau da
  • Cane form
  • White hair form
  • Iron arrow fist form
  • Double broad sword vs spear two person form
  • Large cross pattern form
  • Gum ji form
  • Horse chopper form
  • Buddha palm form
  • Guan yin palm form
  • Hook swords form

Master levels and titles 

At this stage you will work through rare, secret unusual Kung Fu pattens, such as drunken, animal and wooden man form.