International seminars

If you wish to be a host and invite Grandmaster Niel Willcott to teach a seminar at your school please read the information below. Once you have read our conditions then complete the submission form and we will proscess your request. 

GM Niel has experienced both sides of the hosting process. As GM Niel progressed as a Choy Li Fut master it was essential for him to invite his teacher to his home city of Norwich. Doing so provided GM Niel a level of knowledge unavailable to conventional students. The experience was rewarding but also came with added pressures, such as taking valuable time away from family and work life. GM’s wish is to make the hosting process as easy for you as possible. GM has also travelled to teach at many international seminars, conferences and events. He has seen the positive and negative out comes of good and not so good organisation from the host school.

From our conversations with GM we have put this guide together for you. This applies to the first time you host GM Niel Willcott for an international seminar.

Choose a date that is good for the seminar as soon as possible. The more time given for planning an event will reduce expenses and give maximum time for advertising. 

On GM Niel’s first visit to the hosts country he prefers that money raised from the seminar is spent on the expenses of his trip rather than given to him directly. 

The host is to handle all aspects of money, setting the seminar prices, advertising, hotel and flights, etc. 

Location of seminar: Not every group has it’s own personal training hall and thats fine. We prefer that GM's first visit is used to set a precedent for future seminars. The seminar is a rare and unique event for you and your students, it should be different to their normal routine of going to a local class. We request that the seminar is located in the nearest large metropolitan city. 

Choose a hotel with an available conference room: The conference room is for the seminar and should be booked for a Saturday and possibly a Sunday. Your students should be willing to travel a little to meet GM Niel as he will have travelled far to visit them. A hotel also makes it easy for GM’s international students to attend.

GM will need a hotel room for the duration of his visit, to get the most out of GM he will need a couple of days before the seminar to recover from jet lag and to explore the city. You will need to give GM a little money for expenses, meals, etc. 

Two seminars of three hours each on a Saturday is the best format, these seminars will be open to all levels of students. 

It is conventional to arrange one evening banquet/dinner in GM’s honour, with students, family and friends all welcome. A banquet is a unique time to give awards to students and instructors and give everyone a chance to network. 

On the Sunday GM is happy to work closely with a smaller group of advanced students and instructors, a smaller conference room might be an option for this.

If this works for you then please complete the form below and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible

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