Yoga of the Buddha | Eighteen Lohan Hands

Yoga or Qigong?


The Buddha over 2500 years ago created a Yoga practice as documented in the Pali Canon 29BC the earliest book on the Buddha. The Pali Canon says a Yoga style was created by the Buddha, that it consists of poses and practices.  This Yoga practice was preserved orally and only taught from master to student. The full practice stayed with the top student, the top student of the Buddha inherited the Buddhism and Yoga. The name used for the inheritor was the Patriarch of Buddhism. After 32 generations of inherited Buddhist Patriarchs the title went to the Bodhidharma he then travelled to China and created Zen Buddhism and then openly taught the Yoga practice he called Lohan. The Bodhidharma lived in China in a new temple and taught the monks Lohan, the new temple was called Shaolin. The inheritance was passed over to the monks. The tradition of a single inheritor was still in place and was passed from Abbot to Abbot over the next 1200 years. From the first Abbot to Choy Fook 1835AD the last Abbot after the final fall of the Shaoling temple. 


The inheritance was now passed to Chan Heung who studied in hiding with the last Abbot for over ten years. Chan Heung returned home to King Mui, created a well known Kung Fu style and kept the Lohan secret only teaching it to his most dedicated and humble students.  The Lohan lineage stayed in King Mui village passing down to Chan Heung’s great grand son Chan Sun-Chiu. Chan Sun-Chiu known as the last Keeper passed this knowledge onto his only living student Niel Willcott, the founder of our school.