Niel Willcott - Founder

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Teaching is my passion...

Having studied a variety of styles from childhood including, boxing, karate, judo and tae kwon do Niel Willcott was accomplished by his late teens. Discovering Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and Lohan Qugong in 1996, Niel went on to train with master  Doc Wong which lead Niel to learn directly from the styles Keeper. The Keeper Chan Sun Chiu was the great grandson of Chan Heung (founder of Choy Li Fut) and true inheritor of the Choy Li Fut and Lohan qugong system. Under Chan Sun Chiu’s guidance, Niel earned the position of 5th generation in CLF Kung Fu and one of the three successors in the lineage of King Mui. The level of successors is given the title of Grandmaster. This completed his knowledge of Choy Li Fut and Lohan Qigong to the highest level.  

 Niel competed in competitions and tournaments all over the world, winning Gold and Silver medals at the 2004 World Traditional Wushu Tournament in Zhengzhou, China and won at the Republic of China International Tai Chi Chuan Federation’s World Championship Pushing Hands competition in 2006. 

Niel now works towards spreading the knowledge and traditions of the Choy Li Fut and Lohan Qigong system from his headquarters in Norwich, where he currently teaches. Through social media Niel has an increasing number of students and groups world wide. 

This is the Ping Jang Kuen (平肘拳) Level elbow form from the King Mui branch of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu. Grandmaster Niel Willcott learnt this in 2010 when he travelled to King Mui village to study under his teacher Chan Sun Chiu, the Keeper of King Mui Choy Li Fut.