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Massage is one of the earliest and most primal things humans have ever done. All social animals groom each other. So as we evolved, the language of touch came before any other language. It is universal to all people and is learnt by babies before they learn to talk. The language of touch is one of the deepest and most fundamental foundations of our psyche. Niel believes this makes it a vital need for all who wish to live a happy and healthy life.


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Building a relationship with your therapist is the key to a great massage. This has become popular over the past five years, clients search out the best therapist and then take regular massages from them. It takes time for your therapist to get to know you and for you to feel totally relaxed, both are essential for a quality massage experience. 

Knowing this we now offer a free 20min consultation, you can get to know your therapist and the therapist will assess your needs. Then if you both choose a course of action and book a time slot and your therapist can come back another day and start your treatment.

We recommends a 30/45min private yoga/meditation lesson followed by a 30/45min massage treatment. This gives you time to relax, warm and loosen your muscles and allows your therapist time to assess your posture and structure finding areas of tension or weakness that might need more attention. A private yoga lesson followed by Lohan massage has been very effective for all who have them. Only has six slots available per week. You can choose a weekly, fortnightly or monthly session.

When a therapist gives one hundred percent to the client its incredibly rewarding but physically and mentally demanding, because of this we restrict our slots to six per week. Some therapists see six or more clients each day but this is not sustainable. At this rate the therapist can’t fully give their energy one hundred percent to each client. Quality and client satisfaction are much more important to us than making money. Massage for us is a greatly satisfying art form and spiritual practice. 

Pricing - Payments in cash

  • £25 = 30min massage

  • £40 = 60min massage

  • £55 = 90min yoga & massage

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