Lohan meditation meetings

On the first Thursday of each month we host a free Lohan meditation meeting. All members and members guests are welcome to attend. Starting at 7:30pm and ending at 9:00pm with Chinese tea, read below for detailed information. 

Dates of meetings in 2018: 

  • Thursday 2nd August
  • Thursday 6th September
  • Thursday 4th October
  • Thursday 1st November
  • Thursday 6th December
  • Thursday 3rd January 
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Social time   |  7:30pm - 7:45pm

This monthly event is free and open to all members and members friends. 

Getting comfortable in an environment is essential for the early stages of meditation.  If everyone aims to meet at 7:30pm for a quick social chat with a small cup of Chinese tea. It's good to arrive on time for the meditation and prep. Don't panic if you're late, life can put obstacles in your way. Just be quite and try not to distract meditating group.

You need to bring yourself and some comfortable warm clothes. You might want to bring a blanket as it may get cold. A blanket can also be rolled to form a head cushion or used as a ground mat. Our centres floor is a comfortable thick foam which is ideal for laying meditation.  

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Meditation  |  7:45pm - 8:45pm

Choose the best meditation posture for you.  

In the one hour meditation there are only two aims to achieve, don't worry if you can't because there are still many benefits from trying. 

The first aim is to resist the desire to sleep, second aim is total stillness of the body. You must resist the compulsion to make a voluntary physical movement. 

When meditating you can think about anything you like, keeping your mind active and in the present moment is essential for the advance levels of meditation.  Your tutor will explain these states of meditation to you before you start. In brief there are five stages which happen in order if you are true to the two aims.

Social time and Chinese tea  |  8:45pm - 9:30pm

Having meditated for an hour it will take a little time to adjust back to the fast pace of life. You may like to chat to discuss your experiences, move around and have a cup of Chinese tea. After which you're ready for a safe trip home, relaxed and refreshed.