Our Team

Lohan Martial Arts instructors in Norwich and Norfolk.


Grandmaster Niel Willcott

Choy Li Fut Kung Fu inheritor and founder of Lohan Martial Arts. GM Niel has dedicated his life to the study and teaching of our rare Chinese martial arts and health practices. We couldn't ask for a better teacher. Being a full time martial arts and wellbeing instructor takes up much of GM Niel's time, with his spare time he makes, exhibits and sells his sculpture under a sobriquet. Niel has a Masters degree in sculpture and a PGCE in secondary education.

Tai Sifu Chris Abbott.jpg

Tai-Sifu Chris Abbott

Like many people Chris studied a range of martial arts before finding Choy Li Fut Kung Fu. In 2002 Chris started his tuition under GM Niel with weekly private lessons, testing for black sash and creating his first group of students in 2005. In 2010 GM Niel brought Doc-fai Wong to the UK to witness Chris test for Sifu level in the PBIF. Over the years with school events Chris has traveled to China and the US to compete in tournaments and perform in Choy Li Fut exhibitions. Chris is currently GM Niel's highest ranked Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and Tai Chi student. Chris is a Quantity Surveyor and in his spare time enjoys traveling.

tai sifu paul jeckel.jpg

Tai-Sifu Paul Jeckell 

Paul has known GM Niel since 1996 when they were both classmates learning Choy Li Fut. In 1999 Niel inherited the group and in 2003 tested Paul for his black sash. Paul has consistently practised Choy Li Fut and was tested for Sifu level in 2015. Paul has been teaching classes in our Norwich school since it’s start in 1999 and has established his own group in the Dereham area. Not only is Paul a high level Choy Li Fut Kung Fu instructor he is also a bespoke carpenter creating high end reproductions of classical European furniture. 

Da Si-hing Patrick Dickinson

Patrick started learning Choy Li Fut Kung Fu in 2013. Later becoming a direct student of GM Niel, learning from GM Niel with weekly private lessons. Patrick successfully tested for his black belt in 2017. In his role as an instructor Patrick is always ready to help students learning Choy Li Fut Kung Fu. Patrick also enjoys playing touch rugby for a local team at weekends.