Da Si-hing Patrick Dickinson


Patrick has always been interested in eastern culture and in particular, martial arts. He began learning Shotokan Karate with the Karate Union of Great Britain and later Academy of Shotokan Karate, advancing to 4th Kyu. However, after moving to Norwich in 2012 he realised that there were numerous Kung Fu schools in the area, a martial art he had always admired from a distance, but never really had the opportunity to learn. After trying out a couple of clubs, Patrick really felt at home at Lohan and began learning Choy Li Fut in September 2013. Over the years he has been at the school, Patrick has attended numerous weekend seminars, to learn in more detail, particularly, joint locks, applications of forms and more advanced forms. After reaching an intermediate level of Choy Li Fut in 2015, Patrick stepped up his training and started having weekly private lessons with GM Niel. 

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Patrick successfully tested for black sash in December 2017 When learning karate, Patrick‚Äôs main interest was in the katas (set sequences of moves) and in Kung Fu, this has translated to a love of doing the forms. In particular: Ping Kuen, Butterfly Knives, Fut San Sup Jie and the Broadsword. In 2018, Patrick began teaching one of the weekly beginner Kung Fu classes. He enjoys covering the basics, forms, padwork and fitness drills. Patrick is also interested in the spiritual, meditative and positive mental health benefits of studying martial arts and how they can instil confidence. He started learning Lohan Yoga in 2014 and has recently also started learning Tai Chi to complement his Kung Fu training.  In his spare time when he isn't training, Patrick enjoys playing music, writing, playing touch rugby and also enjoys taking part in charity and obstacle runs

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