Costs of Tai Chi Classes

Classes cost £10 per lesson or £99 per month unlimited.

At our well-being centre in Norwich you're welcome to join our beginner Tai Chi Yoga classes. As you progress at our school more advanced and specialised classes will be opened to you.

Beginner class Wednesday 19:30 - 20:30, just come along and join in.


 Our Tai Chi style

Our head Tai Chi instructor Niel gives a brief account of Tai chi” Tai Chi uses long flowing, graceful Kung Fu moves performed slowly. The slow movements of Tai Chi offer all many health and fitness benefits of other forms of exercise with none of the high impact stresses on the body. The NHS has stated there are positive benefits of practicing Tai Chi, improving posture, balance and muscle strength. Other benefits include reducing stress and anxiety”

When you join our beginner class you will learn the foundation of Tai Chi: Walking exercises, hand movements and breathing. Our graceful, flowing, practical and easy foundation movements are great for health and good to practice at home. Slow movements combined with deep breathing calm the mind and body. Tai Chi is fantastic for removing stress and anxiety. Once you can perform the 4,8 and 16 forms with confidence you may join the intermediate level classes.


Grandmaster Niel Willcott

Founder of Lohan Yoga 

Niel has dedicated his life to the study and teaching of our Tai Chi and health practices.


For private lessons or information:

Private lessons are the fastest and most effective way to learn. With continuous assessment, feedback and a tailored learning program just for you, you're guaranteed to succeed. £25 per hour for beginners £35 intermediate and £40 advanced levels.

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