Kung Fu weapons

Choy Li Fut has many weapons forms and two person drills. We have 40+ traditional weapons we teach at Lohan Martial Arts. Not only do you learn many graceful and practical moves for each weapon, you will also sharpen your skills with weapon sparring. Here is a list of traditional Choy Li fut Kung Fu weapons.


Weapons list.

  1. Single ended staff

  2. Double ended staff

  3. Two section staff

  4. Three section staff

  5. Red tassel spear

  6. White tassel spear

  7. Hook spear

  8. Snake tongue spear

  9. Double ended spear

  10. Broad sword

  11. Two handed broad sword

  12. European cavalry sabre

  13. Ghost head broad sword

  14. Horse chopper

  15. Butterfly knives

  16. Bamboo leaf sword

  17. Straight sword

  18. Daggers

  19. Iron Hoe

  20. Long handled broad sword

  21. General Kwan’s blade

  22. General Choy’s Long blade

  23. Nine Ring broad sword

  24. Seven star pole knife

  25. Trident

  26. Halberd

  27. Gold coin halberd

  28. Cross spear halberd

  29. Golden bell shovel

  30. Crescent moon shovel

  31. Long axes

  32. Bodhidhama cane

  33. Nine teeth rake

  34. Nine dragon trident

  35. Fan

  36. metal flute

  37. Double hooked swords

  38. Axes

  39. Chain whips

  40. Melon hammers

  41. Copper cudgels

  42. Sword breakers

  43. Tiger's head shield

  44. Rattan shield

  45. Horse bench

  46. Hard metal whip

  47. Rope dart

  48. Fire and wind wheels

Norwich martial arts weapons classes.jpg
Norwich hema weapon sparring .jpg
Niel holding Chan Heungs Kwan Do.

Niel holding Chan Heungs Kwan Do.

The best way to understand weapons is through testing them in combat. Our weapon sparring program starts with two person drills, then light contact and onto fast sparring with realistic weapons and full body armour. Our approach to learning is the same for teaching, an undertaking to expand our knowledge in creative and experimental ways. 

Looking at genuine historic weapons removes the many misconceptions found in film and media. As part of Niel's research he visits museums looking for examples of authentic Kung Fu weaponry comparing them to their European equivalent. 


Photos from our visit to the Royal armoury.