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Niel Willcott - head yoga teacher

Niel Willcott - head yoga teacher

Our head yoga instructor Niel gives a brief account of our yoga style “ Documented in the Pali Canon 29BCE is a rare form of Yoga once practiced by the Buddha. On reading this in 1996 I made it a life mission to learn and teach this. In the following years I frequently traveled around Asia to China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan learning from masters.

The western name given to this yoga style is Lohan, this was to honour the Bodhidharma (Indian monk) who named one of the flow patterns Lohan. Lohan is Chinese for the Sanskrit word (( अर्हत् ) Arahant) word term for people far advanced along the path of Enlightenment, but who may not have reached full Buddhahood. I can’t promise you enlightenment if you learn Lohan, but guarantee you a unique Yoga experience. ”


Classes (invite only)

Group Lohan Yoga classes are available once you have completed a tailored foundation course in private lessons with Niel.

Private Yoga lessons

Private lessons are the fastest and most effective way to learn. With continuous assessment, feedback and a tailored learning program just for you, you're guaranteed to succeed.

Private lessons cost from £20 per hour for foundation levels.

One to one yoga lessons.

One to one yoga lessons.

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