Lohan Classes

We have a place for you in our beginner level Lohan classes, just turn up. If you want to let us know you're coming send an email, we are always happy to welcome new members. Read below about the Lohan style of yoga and the classes we offer here in Norwich.


About Lohan yoga

Lohan is the practice of: “Life Energy Cultivation” using movement, breathing and meditation for health and spirituality training. With roots in Buddhism and Chinese philosophy it's traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance life energy (Qi).... 

 Coloured Lohan yoga kerchief.

Coloured Lohan yoga kerchief.

Levels and syllabus 

Each member works through our grading syllabus. You can show your level by wearing a coloured kerchief. 


Beginner classes

Follow along through 18 movements punctuated with meditation. All beginner movements are performed slowly with grace in a standing position, anyone with mobility issues may sit. In the first class of each month your Lohan yoga instructor will work with individual members on the 18 movements in detail. Once you can perform all 18 movements with confidence you may join the intermediate level classes.  You're welcome to just turn up to the beginner level Lohan Yoga class Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm.

If you have any questions, email us. 

Lohan yoga qigong in Norwich intermidate class.jpg

Intermediate classes 

Following a similar format to the beginner class we expand on the 18 movements. Each of the 18 movements now combines with the legs creating a new level of complexity. At this stage instructor training is available to you, with support if you wish to lead a beginner level class. We recommend continuing with the beginner classes, joining both classes each week. When you can demonstrate all 18 beginner and intermediate level movements you may join the advanced class.  


Advanced classes 

At this stage you learn the rare "Eighteen Lohan” created by the Bodhidarma. Also there are many flowing patterns of yoga to help you advance. 

Following this you are encouraged to find your own way, unrestrained you can deconstruct the Eighteen Lohan and all you have learnt. Spontaneously adding and changing moves, this ad-lib unplanned art form is the highest level of Lohan yoga. 

This is went you’re welcome to set up your own Lohan Yoga class with our support and blessings. 


Private lessons  

Private lessons are the fastest and most effective way to learn. With continuous assessment, feedback and a tailored learning program just for you, you're guaranteed to succeed. Private lessons cost £40 per hour

 One to one yoga lessons.

One to one yoga lessons.

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Lohan meditation meetings

Our monthly meditation event is free and open to all members and members friends. 

Other unscheduled sessions take place throughout the year.