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    Norwich Chinese martial arts experts.

    You can learn Kung Fu and Tai Chi with us in Norwich.

    Our martial arts are for women and men of all ages and abilities.

    Our school is the official world headquarters of the Hung Sing Martial Arts school.

    We are on Raglan Street just off Dereham Road, NR2 4PJ. 

    At the Hung Sing Martial Art School we are proud to say we have been established as the top Choy Li Fut Kung Fu school in the UK for over a decade. Our clubs have benefited from our head instructor Niel Willcott. Niel is considered to be one of the worlds top Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and Tai Chi teachers. Niel and his highly trained staff of instructors are always happy to meet and teach new students. Men, women, adults, children, beginners to advanced we have something for you.

    Our Kung Fu and Tai Chi emphasise relaxed internal power over stiff, muscular force. You can learn to calm your mind and strengthen your body. 

    The Kung Fu and Tai Chi programs at the Hung Sing Martial Arts School Norwich are the most comprehensive and authentic in the country. Our students not only learn how to do movements correctly, meditate and focus their physical and mental power but they learn the self-defense aspect of the art as the original founders intended. The goal of our martial arts are to help you master yourself and find inner peace. 

    We are also unique as a school because we can offer our members a complete online training program. A high majority of our members say the online school has dramatically improved their learning ability in class. 

    You can join our school in Norwich for just £30 per month.

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